About Us

Who Are We

We access our team of expert designers, graphic artists, and technical as required.

Our Mission

Advise and develop high quality websites solutions that are a best fit for the client.

What We Do

Design, build, integrate, host, maintain, secure and update clients websites.

Our history

Andy von Busse developed his first website in 1996, for the Alberta Fish and Game Association, hand coding it as no tools were available at that time. Although this was done on a volunteer basis, updated and maintained until 2005, he has always kept up with web technology, even though his entrepreneurial efforts were in other directions. Now retired, he is ready to spend his full time into helping other small to medium sized business develop their internet presence in the best way possible.

Our 6-D process



We discover who you are, what your business does, and what you want your new website to achieve.



In collaboration with you, we will sketch out a skeleton idea of what your website will be.



Taking the things from our discovery and definition elements, we design the first cut of your new site.



Once the design is agreed to, we now get into the guts of the site. How long this takes depends on the complexity. Memberships? CRM (Customer Relation Management)? Integrating into existing databases?



We are now ready to launch your site. Depending on the plan, this may involve extra security, optimization for fast loading, server setup and testing and more.



Once we have tested and optimized as required, we turn over the site to you. Our job does not have to end there, as you may way us to maintain, secure and update it, and we have maintenance planss

Why choose us?

Best Quality Designs

We use only the latest development tools and infrastructure. Your site will look good on Android, I-phone or your computer.

We Understand Business

Andy von Busse has had his own companies, but also sat for years on municipal Economic Development Boards and Business Incubators. He understands the needs of business that go beyond just website, and can advise on directions to consider.

Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support, whether it is behind the scenes monitoring, backups, or updating your site as needed.

Experienced Professionals

Our team is international. Depending on the expertise needed they may live in Tampa or Orlando, FL, Monterrey, Mexico, Bucharest, Romania or Big Valley, Alberta (Andy von Busse)

Would you like to start a project with us?

Now is the time. Start with a low-cost basic design, or add advanced features

Some of our clients

International in scope, we have worked on websites from Alberta, Ireland, Florida and more.