silver imac with keyboard and mouse

Should you follow the latest web design trends?

silver imac with keyboard and mouse

The short answer is maybe.

Users of your website expect certain conventions to be followed, and if your design is too avant garde, it can easily lead to confusion, and you will lose readers or customers.

On the other hand, if you are in a business that requires you to show the latest and greatest, say you are an artist, or an interior designer, then being a bit out of the ordinary can in fact help your image and business.

You do want your site to look up-to-date, and not like it was designed in 1998 with flash images, and blinking highlights, nor do you want distracting color combinations. Simple is better. Good photography helps. If you have great images of your own, they should be used. Stock commercial photography is available, and often does a great job of portraying your message. Of course, you may need a professional photographer, depending on who your target audience is, and we can refer you to some we have worked with in the past.

Keep in mind, a website is never finished, and should be revisited for content and design periodically. You want it to look fresh, without breaking frontiers in design.